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Manicures & Pedicures

Spa Manicure $20 / with Shellac $35

Keep those hands looking and feeling great with our Spa Manicure. Our tender love and care is expressed through our gentle touch and attention to detail. The session includes nail shaping, cuticle grooming, exfoliation, lotion massage, and polish in the color of your choice.

Hot Oil Manicure $30 / Pedicure $40

Need a little extra perk? Our Hot Oil Manicure includes all of  the essentials plus our signature extensive deep oil and lotion message. Release the stress and enjoy being pampered while your skin is being renewed, softened, and hydrated.

Shellac Manicure $35

All of the conveniences of a Spa Manicure topped off with a gel finish. Go ahead, show off the fashion sense a bit longer. 

SNS Manicure $45

Maintain your nails looking and feeling healthy with our special SNS Manicure. Consisting of a powder dipping system this mixture of organically processed chemicals are long lasting and contain essentials vitamins A, E, B1 , and calcium.

Full Set $50

Let the fashionista come out just a little...Show off some creativity with various unique designs for a night out with the ladies or keep it simple for a day out at the beach. What ever your needs or occasion, we'll make sure to keep those hands and feet smiling. 

Overlay $40

Enhance nail strength and thickness to prevent breakage with a layer of Gel Powder

Re-Fill $35

Pink & White Full Set $65

Who says originality is not beautiful? Sometimes, less is more so why not go traditional with an elegant french look.

Pink & White Fill $45

Re-Fill of natural french look with desired length and shape

Spa Pedicure $35 / with Shellac $50

Go ahead, give those feet a break and dip your toes into our soothing sanitized bath salt while our professionally trained technicians gently remove the cuticles and shape the nails as you most desire. Come on, live a little!

Herbal Manicure $40 / Pedicure $55

Take it to the next level with a customized blend of herbs of your choosing. Let your feet swim with the essentials of nature in a calm cultivating setting. Feel the Serenity as your hands/feet release the stress in a soothing herbal-infused spa treatment. Experience the benefits of our Herbal services from migraine and stress relief to muscle tension and congestion freedom.


Detox Mint Manicure $35 / Pedicure $45

Detoxify with an antioxidant mint mud mask and hot stone message as a finishing touch.

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